Crispy Scapes





These personal workshops are tailored specifically for the attendee, by covering content they would like to learn and choosing locations and period of the day to most suit the desired photography (LE, Seascapes, Astro, etc).



All the fundamentals, such as,

  • Aperture,

  • Shutter speed,

  • ISO,

  • Focal length,

  • Depth of Field.

Advanced techniques, such as,

  • Using and understanding the histogram,

  • Dynamic range control (via correct exposure, filters and exposure blending),

  • Advanced depth of field control techniques,

  • Composition rules and recommendations,

  • Camera settings and shooting sequence,

  • Gear advice.

Specific concepts, such as,

  • Astrophotography (Star trails, Milky way),

  • Long exposures photography (ND filters required),

  • Seascapes (Timing).



Workshop duration range from 2hrs to a full day. 


The private workshops are run around Kiama at the attendees preferred location(s), such as, Cathedral Rocks, Bombo Quarry, Minnamurra Headland and Jamberoo. These locations can be seen in the images to the left and also in this gallery - Kiama.



One on one - $50 per hour

Each additional student - $25 per hour



4 Hours Duration (Sunset 5:45pm, Astro sunset 7:15pm)

4:30 - 4:50pm ~ Meet at Jones beach South car park one hour prior to sunset and walk over to Cathedral Rocks,

4:50 - 5:30pm ~ Go through concepts and answer questions,

5:30 - 6:30pm ~ Shoot the sunset with guidance,

6:30 - 7:30pm ~ Drive to Bombo Quarry and while waiting for the astronomical sunset (usually 1-1.5hrs after sunset), discuss settings and tips for Astrophotography,

7:30 - 8:30pm ~ Shoot the stars, ideally the milky way and/or start star trail.

Please note, schedules will vary depending on sunset and astro sunset times. Also astrophotography is very weather dependent.




"Chris was recommended to me by a mutual photographic peer. From the moment we met, I was made to feel comfortable. His knowledge of the location was detailed, product knowledge fabulous and his photographic skills and knowledge amazing - he is a wealth in this field and has so much to share. I am pleased with the amount of information that I was able to take away from our experience and can't wait to practice many of the pointers that he shared with me. Thank You Chris."

One on one tuition form


Please fill out the form below to book a tutorial and I will get back to you as soon as possible to confirm the booking depending on my availability.

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Select the level that best describes your skill level, to help me tailor the workshop specifically for you.
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What to bring?
Please select what items you own below. - It's best to bring all your camera gear but specifically it's important to remember to bring an intervalometer/remote and a tripod. If the workshop is held during the night, I recommend bringing warm clothes and a head torch. The locations in Kiama all have rough volcanic rock, so I recommend bringing solid shoes to walk on the rocks.



Online tuition is now available! 



  • A one or two hour video of me,

    • answering any specific questions you have, 

    • gear recommendations, 

    • software setup and, 

    • processing your images, while explaining each adjustment.

  • PSD file of all the images processed with all the layers,

  • Constructive feedback on two images processed by you, applying skills learnt from the video.

Note: Please send RAW images, preferably with dramatic light and multiple exposures for exposure blending. I process with Adobe Camera Raw and Photoshop CC with the TK action panel.



1 hour video - $100

2 hour video - $150

Payment is sent prior to recording via Paypal to and please select payment to a friend, not a service.